Ginormous Patch for Mass Effect 3 Coming Soon


Ahhhh, I love the smell of patch news in the morning.  Or evening.  Or whenever it is that you’re reading this.  Point is, patches are a good thing.  They fix broken stuff, and make stuff that isn’t broken better.  A new patch for Mass Effect 3 is coming later this week, and it’s a whopper.  And by whopper, I mean BIG.  Read on for the details.

There hasn’t been a patch for Mass Effect 3 since May, when version 1.03 was released to coincide with the first annual Save Game Global Summit in NYC.  Granted, I never did receive confirmation from Bioware that their scheduling was intentional, but I think it’s safe to assume that it was.  This new patch (version 1.04) is the largest they’ve ever done, and fixes a very long list of issues.  Most have to do with the muliplayer component of the game, and fix a wide range of bothersome errors and glitches.  The patch also does away with exploits that allowed players to fire unlimited rockets and appear invisible to enemies.  Sorry cheaters, but the fun is over.  You’ll have to win with skill (or money) now.  The long-running black screen issue with the Xbox 360 version of the game has also apparently been fixed, months after fans figured out how to work around it themselves.  The full list of fixes can be found in this forum post.  Get comfy, it’s loooong.

I must say I’m glad that this patch is coming, and I’ll be relieved once it’s installed.  While the multiplayer in Mass Effect 3 can be a lot of fun, it can also be incredibly frustrating.  I’ve expereinced many of the glitches on that list, and I’ll be very happy to see them go.  Especially that grenade refill glitch.  Get more grenades, lose the ability to fire your guns.  SO MUCH FUN! 

Now, if they could just make the randomized purchases a little less random.  I mean, it’s always nice to get a shiny new shotgun.  But I don’t need ten of them. There’s something to work on for version 1.05, Bioware.  Kthxbai.

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