Gourmet Gaming brings video game food into the real world


Let’s admit it  – when you’re gaming, you can work up an apetite. Most of us turn to the things we probably shouldn’t – chips, chocolate, pizza. And as a result, gaming has a bit of a stigma attached to it regarding food. However – what if you could turn that stigma around by cooking gourmet food which was inspired by the very games you are playing? Thanks to Gourmet Gaming, now you can!

Updated every Wednesday with all sorts of wonderful recipes (and drinks – lets not forget the drinks), each recipe on Gourmet Gaming is inspired by a food featured in a video game. From Graccu’s Mince Meat Fruitcake from World Of Warcraft, to the Roast Poultry Turkey found in the classic Streets of Rage, and the Sweet Rolls found in Skyrim (I NEED these in my life), there is a huge selection of foods on display. 

And the best part is all the recipe’s for each of the featured foods are included, so if you’ve always wanted to make that Key Lime Pie from The Sims, that Sandvich edible device from Team Fortress 2, or my favourite, the Cluckin’ Bell Fowl Burger from GTA4 – you have the power at your fingertips. All ingredients are listed, along with instructions on how to cook that perfect Rations Recipe from Metal Gear Solid, or even better, the ‘Sinner’s Sandwich’ from Deadly Premonition.

If you’re a lover of food, or just a lover of food in video games – take a look at Gourmet Gaming – the creator of these delicious meals, Daniella Zelli, even does requests – so if you can’t find what you’re looking for there, you can request it!.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to start making these Sweet Rolls. They’re calling to me, you see….

Source: Gourmet Gaming

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