Grid 2 trailer showcases drift events and asian locations

grid2gamePretty, sexy cars alert! Codemasters have released a new Grid 2 gameplay video that shows off the game’s drift events in addition to some lovely looking Asian locations, including the additon of Hong Kong.

Personally, I would have been much more excited to see King Kong, but I digress.

The new gameplay video, entitled ‘World Series Racing 3: Asia – New Frontiers’ focuses on the Asian locations, clubs and cars which will feature in Grid 2. Racers will be able to earn points for both style and form in drift events on steep mountain roads inspired by Okutama in Japan. Touge events in Hong Kong will feature open road racing, where gamers will need to close the gap and pass rivals in one-on-one contactless sprints.

Street Racing is glimpsed in Dubai, whilst Track Racing can be seen at Yas Marina in Abu Dhabi. It’s all gleaming skyskrapers and sexy cars on racetracks to me, but perhaps racing fans will be able to spot the details within the video. And going back to drifting (which, if I’m honest, is my least favourite racing event) each drift event is available in split-screen, online and career mode, and features three short multi-car runs on technical sections featuring corners and hairpins. Players will be rewarded points for both style and form, with car control an important consideration.

Grid 2 releases May 30 for the PS3, Xbox360 and PC.

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