Guild Wars 2: The Lost Shores Free Trial Mega Event


Guild Wars 2 players – sit up and take notice. NCSoft and ArenaNet are releasing a massive content update for the mega MMO hit, and it’s called The Lost Shores. The new content will arrive November 15, and in addition to bringing new features to the game, its release will also be heralded by huge, one-time event that will completely change the Guild Wars 2 world.

The Lost Shores update is best described as a mini expansion worth of new content which delivers to players new areas to explore, new challenges to attempt and new goals to meet. Major features that players can look forward to tackling as part of the new update include:

  • a new zone for all players, regardless of level, to explore
  • a new dungeon to conquer
  • a new PvP map set in a Kodan dojo
  • new gear to acquire, including additional weapons skins to item enhancements and a completely new tier of items between Exotic and Legendary
  • crafting updates including 200 new recipes and a new resource to harvest
  • a one-time in-game event which will completely change the world of Tyria, starting Thursday November 15 and ending Sunday November 18

In order to celebrate and share this event with as many people as possible, Guild Wars 2 will be holding a special refer-a-friend trial period. Starting today, players who have purchased the game will be able to invite up to three friends to join a special free trial period which runs from November 15-18.

So Guild Wars 2 players – put these times into your calendars.

  • Thursday November 15 9:00am PT – Trial period begins, update build is released
  • Friday November 16 12:00pm PT – One-time Lost Shores Event begins
  • Sunday November 18 12:00pm PT – Final event stage begins
  • Sunday November 18 10:00pm PT – One-time Event and Free Trial Weekend end

For our Aussie readers, taking into account timezone differences, the free trial event begins 4am Friday and ends 5pm Monday AEDST.

So if you have some friends who haven’t already experienced the magic of Guild Wars 2, this is the perfect time to bring them into the world. For more information, check out the official press release.

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