Halo Developer Invites You to the Gun Show


There’s a lot to love about Halo.  The memorable characters, the futuristic setting, the menacing aliens, the stirring music.  Every Halo fan has their own favorite piece of the franchise.  But there’s one thing that we can all share a love for: the guns.  343 Industries recently showed off the powerful new arsenal Master Chief will be wielding in Halo 4.  Click the link to check it out.

As part of this week’s Halo Bulletin, the developers gave fans a look at all of the guns used by the UNSC, or United Nations Space Command.  This human organization has been Master Chief’s employer for the past three games, and they have supplied him with a mouth watering array of weaponry to choose from this time around.  Watch the video to see what I mean.


Phew!  Did you catch all that?  Pretty much every gun from past Halo games is returning, albeit in updated forms.  The redesigned Battle Rifle looks especially slick, and I’ll be curious to see how it differs from the DMR this time around.  But I’m already drooling over some of the new choices.  The Saw?  Love it.  Railgun?  Gimme.  Sticky Detonator?  Ummmm… I’m gonna miss a lot with that thing, I know it.  Not that I’m a particularly good shot with anything else, but…. Anyway, if you liked what you saw, but didn’t care for the techno soundtrack (was that dubstep?) here’s a version of the same trailer featuring just the weapon sounds.


Hmmmm… not exactly what I was expecting.  Many of the guns have a very high pitched, synthesized tone to them, especially the sniper rifle.  That gun should sound like a thunder crack.  It should strike fear into the hearts of your opponents.  The sniper rifle on display in that video does neither of those things.  Oh well, perhaps it’s just the video.  I’m sure they’ll sound better in the finished game.

Hopefully, we’ll be seeing more of these videos in the future.  After all, we have yet to get a detailed look at the Covenant or Forerunner arsenals yet.

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