The SSX Multiplayer Rumor is Rumor No More


Yeah, soooo…. that was quick.  Just days after EA released a video that seemed to tease at the existence of head-to-head multiplayer for SSX, the publishing giant has made it official.  Real time multiplayer has returned to SSX.  But that’s not all they’ve given us.  Read on for the details.

In a post on the official EA Sports blog, the announcement that SSX fans everywhere wanted to hear was finally made.  Head-to-head racing is back, and it’s back in a big way.  “A big way?”  What is this, 1987?  Head-to-head racing is back, and it’s bedazzled.  A free update has been released that will unlock 3-2-1-Go! Events, which will allow up to five players at a time to compete in both race and trick runs.  In race, players are no longer competing against a clock.  Instead, the first player across the finish line is the winner.  As it should be, damnit.  In trick runs, whoever can cross the finish line with the most points before the timer runs out wins.  Again… as it should be, damnit!

In addition to the 3-2-1-Go! events, the update also brings back another mode fans have been clamoring for: Freeride.  This mode will offer a more relaxed single player experience, and will be free of timers, scoring, and other riders.  It will offer players the chance to explore the beautiful (and enormous) environments of SSX at their own pace, instead of having it streak by in a blur.

SSX Creative Director Todd Batty had this to say about the update.

“We love the SSX community and are always listening to them and working hard to do whatever we can to make their SSX experience better. We couldn’t be happier and more proud to be giving them a new way to compete online directly against their friends with 3-2-1-Go! events, and a way to just chill out and explore the massive world of SSX on their own with freeride through a free update. Thanks to all our fans for all your support, we hope you love it!”

I gotta say, I’m pretty excited about this update.  The SSX franchise was all but dead a year ago, and relaunching the series was a huge risk.  While SSX garnered solid reviews, gamers didn’t exactly trample eachother in a mad dash to buy their copies.  The fact that EA has listened to fans’ concerns, and has continued to invest in the game to give the fans what they want, really impresses me.  For all the grief the company gets, in this one instance, EA has done something right.  And I thank them for it.

The free update that adds 3-2-1-Go! and Freeride to SSX is available right now on both Xbox 360 and PS3.  If you already own SSX, go download it right now.  If you don’t, go buy SSX right now and download the update when you get home.

About the Author: (@Joe_of_the_Dead) Lead Editor, Writer

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