Hideo Kojima officially unveils Metal Gear Solid V

MGS5-banner-1The reason internet rumors don’t go away is because sometimes they’re right.  Such was the case with the Phantom Pain trailer from last year’s VGAs.  Turns out, it is the next Metal Gear Solid game after all.  Read on for the details and a predictably crazy trailer.

We all remember that trailer from last year’s Video Games Awards, don’t we?  And we all had that friend who insisted that the dude with all the bandages was Solid Snake.  And we all were like “Nahhh, come on. Ground Zeroes is the next MGS game. If it’s supposed to be Metal Gear, why not just call it Metal Gear?”  Well, your friend was right,  and we forgot the One Rule of Metal Gear: never underestimate Hideo Kojima’s ability to surprise.

Earlier today, during a presentation at the Game Developer’s Conference focusing on his studio’s new FOX game engine, Kojima blew everyone’s minds by announcing that Phantom Pain and Ground Zeroes were both the next Metal Gear Solid game.  He followed up that synapse-boiling disclosure by revealing a new trailer featuring clips from both Phantom Pain and Ground Zeroes, as well as a ton of all new footage.  Check it out below.
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hm6AeNT0Jqo]
According to Kojima, that entire thing was running in real-time using his new FOX game engine.  It has to be next-gen, right?  Wrong.  While the trailer was utilizing the PC build of the game, according to a press release received by Kotaku, Metal Gear Solid 5 will be released on PS3 and Xbox 360.  So is this another situation where we’ll have simultaneous releases on two generations of hardware?  Seems likely, in my opinion, even though Konami’s press release makes no mention of PS4 or the next Xbox.

Oh, one other thing.  Did Snake sound a bit different at the end of that trailer?  Your ears weren’t playing tricks on you.  That was not David Hayter, who has been the voice actor for Solid Snake for every MGS title since the original, which was released all the way back in 1998.  After probably getting bombarded with variations of “WTF?!” all morning, Hayter gave the following response on twitter.

Pretty classy, if you ask me.  Apparently, he wasn’t even asked to reprise the role, which totally sucks.  Sorry to end this article on a bummer note, but… that’s life, I guess.

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