The launch trailer for Horizon Zero Dawn is hella pretty

hzd11If you like your video games to have beautifully realised natural settings, bow-toting badass redhead heroines and combat featuring robo-dinosaurs, then chances are you’ve already pre-ordered Horizon Zero Dawn and are playing it as we speak.

However, if you’ve yet to hear about the aformentioned Horizon Zero Dawn, the action RPG by Guerrilla Games released today, then feast your eyes on the launch trailer for the game, found below.

The game itself, played via the third person, tasks players with stepping into the boots of Aloy, a hunter who utilises a bow (and other ranged and melee weapons as well as traps) to fight off robotic creatures known as “Machines”.  These machines rule the post-apocalyptic world which Aloy inhabits, and as Aloy journeys through the open world, players can discover a variety of tribes all offering unique side quests to be completed in addition to the main story line. Gameplay features include a dynamic day-night cycle, a skill tree which allows players to increase Aloy’s skills in three categories, a crafting system utilising resources found on the remains of conquered foes as well as ranged and melee combat and stealth.

Horizon Zero Dawn was released today in Australia and is available for the Playstation 4.

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