How DICE will make Battlefront the most authentic Star Wars game yet


Star Wars games have had an uneven history. For every Knights of the Old Republic, there’s been a Masters of Teras Kasi. SO in order to make Star Wars Battlefront as authentic as possible, LucasArts have given DICE and EA unprecedented access to Star Wars props, costumes and original sound clips.

Using a process called ‘photogrammetry’, DICE took thousands of pictures of genuine props from different angles, in order to turn them into digital replicas for 3D assets. DICE Designer, Nicklas Fegraeus, said: “this means that when you use your lightsaber or jump into your X-Wing, it’s the actual lightsaber, and the actual X-Wing.”

The LucasArts director of franchise management, Douglas Reilly, said, “we didn’t want this to be a normal licensing arrangement. We didn’t want to make movie games, we wanted to make great games.”

They also took pictures of the actual locations in the films to render them as “authentically and realistically as possible”, and had access to all original soundtrack recordings and sound effects. Star Wars Battlefront is also the first and only game in development to feature Dolby Atmos, a surround sound technology that allows up to 128 audio tracks. Dolby refers to Atmos as “the most significant development in cinema and audio since surround sound” and it is usually utilised in film. Dolby Atmos has only been confirmed for the PC version of Battlefront.

Fegraeus said, “this is the most authentic game – the most amazing visual and audio experience that we at dice have ever made,” and “I believe we’ve created the most immersive Star Wars game ever made.”

Star Wars Battlefront is coming out on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on November 17th, and is said to play at 60fps on all platforms.

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