Injustice Collector’s Edition Includes a Big Damn Statue


Let me ask you a question.  Have you ever wanted to see Wonder Woman choking Batman with her lasso while simultaneously getting ready to impale him with a Kryptonian rocketship?  If you answered yes, you’re gonna want to get your hands on the Injustice collector’s edition.  Read on for the details.

NetherRealm Studios recently unveiled the collector’s edition to their upcoming title Injuctice: Gods Among Men, which will retail for $99.99 when it is released next April.  If you need a refresher for what this game is, exactly, check out our coverage from SDCC.  In addition to the totally badass statue pictured above (which is a totally badass 13 inches tall) the collector’s edition will also come with a number of other exclusive items.  Check out the list below.

  • Special character skins for Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman based on their redesigns in the New 52
  • Digital download of the aminated film Justice League: Doom
  • Collector’s edition of a brand new DC comics series

Don’t ask me what the new comic is… they haven’t named it.  And don’t ask me for pictures of the character skins… there aren’t any.  But this is how collector’s editions should be done, damnit.  Not with season passes and tin cases, but with comic books and big damn statues.  Don’t get me wrong, tin cases are sweet too.  But statues are better.  Especially statues with sexy superheroes.

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