Irrational developers narrate two new Bioshock Infinite previews


We’ve finally entered the home stretch.  Bioshock Infinite will be here in less than a month, and the amount of new footage available to drool over keeps growing.  Two new walkthroughs, both narrated by Irrational developers, have hit the interwebs, and we’ve got them both right here.  Read on to watch for yourselves.

I’m gonna warn you right now… spoiler spiders are crawling all over this article.  If you go any further, you’re definitely going to get bitten.  Or at least have one or two crawl up your pants.  So if you want to remain pure, turn back now.  And whatever you do, don’t watch either of these videos.

Are they gone?  OK, cool.  Let’s get down to business.  The first video comes courtesy of IGN.  They sat down with a group of lead developers for Bioshock Infintie, including Creative Director Ken Levine, for an in-depth look at the extraordinary AI that brings Elizabeth to life.  The video contains nearly 14 minutes of narrated game play from an early section of the game that we’ve only seen glimpses of before.  You’ll learn all about how Elizabeth interacts with the environment, what makes her seem so lifelike, and what went wrong along the way.


The second video is a recent episode of Gamespot Now Playing, and features a lengthy chat with Irrational User Experience Specialist Bill Gardner.  Running just under 40 minutes, the conversation covers a wide range of topics, from the earliest design pitches for the game, to the specifics of designing combat.  The game play doesn’t actually start until after the 5 minute mark.  So if you want to jump right to the action, click here. There’s about 17 minutes of game play shown, and while some of it has been seen before, a good portion of it is new.  If you have the time, I recommend watching the whole video. It’s a very informative conversation.


If you’re anything like me, watching these videos is a mix of joy and agony.  While the game looks amazing, I’m getting a little tired of the seemingly endless stream of trailers and videos.  I want to experience Bioshock Infinite for myself, darn it.  We’ll all finally get our chance when the game is released on March 26th.

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