Irrational Teases Us With New Bioshock Infinite Screens


The folks over at Irrational Games are playing Bioshock Infinite.  Right now.  As you read this.  They have the game, and we do not, and that is not cool.  To flaunt this injustice, they’ve released four new screenshots of the game they callously refuse to share.  Read on to see them for yourself.The four images were released earlier today on the game’s official website, and feature fresh looks at many of the game’s key elements, including combat, the floating city of Columbia, and the game’s protagonist, Elizabeth.  Check them out below, and click to embiggen.  Trust me, you’ll want to embiggen.

First up is Elizabeth, looking rather annoyed and sporting yet another new hairstyle.  This is at least the fourth different style she’s sported since the game debuted at E3 a few years ago.  I guess she just really enjoys trips to the hair salon.

Here’s a shot of Booker giving some lucky guy a few new breathing holes.  I absolutely love the turn of the century boardwalk style on display here, and I can’t wait to explore this environment for myself.

Now here’s Booker again, this time sporting one of those nifty skyhooks that he uses to zip around the elevated railways of Columbia.  It looks like he’s about to deliver a flying fist to the face of someone wearing a helmet in the shape of a bull.  I’m sure it’ll make more sense once we’re playing the game for ourselves.

Finally, there’s this exquisite image of some unknown interior space in Columbia.  The candles, the reflecting pools, the ethereal light pouring in through the window, the stone angels bro-fisting in the background… an absolutely stunning scene.  If you embiggen, you can clearly see a number of people kneeling in apparent worship.  Probably a not-so-subtle slap in the face to all of us praying that Bioshock Infinite is not delayed again.

I kid, of course.  I don’t really think Irrational Games released these images just to gloat over the fact that they can play Bioshock Infinite any time they want, and we have to wait until March 26th (at the earliest).  I’m just… look, I’m just tired of waiting.  I want this game.  Now.  But we’ve still got over two months to wait, but I’m sure Irrational will find more screens and trailers to throw at us.  So keep checking back here.  

About the Author: (@Joe_of_the_Dead) Lead Editor, Writer

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