Little Space Heroes officially launched by Bubble Gum Interactive


Excellent news for young gamers and older gamers who are young at heart, with Aussie developer Bubble Gum Interactive announcing their free-to-play, story-driven online game Little Space Heroes has officially launched worldwide. Set in a vibrant, sci-fi universe, kids can create their own hero and explore the galaxy, teaming up with friends to track down the nefarious Lord Shadowbot, who has stolen away the Glows – light emitting creatures with fantastic powers.

Little Space Heroes is rated E for everyone, and has the Family Friendly Videogames Seal of Approval. Parents should feel completely at ease with allowing their children to play, as the game features advanced chat filters and an in-house moderator team who ensure the game is both safe and fun to play.

Bubble Gum Interactive Director of Community Paul Gray is looking forward to seeing players enjoy the game’s many adventures:

“We’ve worked tirelessly to create an amazing new social gaming experience that is fun, safe and inclusive. Right from day one we’ve involved kids and parents and we’ve received invaluable input from them throughout our recent beta. Now we’ve finished our beta we can’t wait to see the amazing adventures our players enjoy as they play the full Little Space Heroes experience!”

As Little Space Heroes can be played in a browser, all that’s needed is a PC or Mac with a working internet connection.

I’ve spent the last week playing the beta of the game, and will be giving my thoughts very soon but until then – I wholeheartedly recommend everyone gives Little Space Heroes a try – it’s a fantastic, fun-filled game that’s a delight to play.

You can check it out by clicking on this link.

For the full press release, click here.

Source: Bubble Gum Interactive Official Website

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