Make your own President in the Saints Row 4 Inauguration Station

saintsrow4banner1Good news for anyone who loves character creators.  The Saints Row 4 Inauguration Station has been released.  It’ll allow you freely obsess over every little detail of your custom creator for as long as you want, and then import him or her into the game when it’s released.  Read on for the details.

The announcement came earlier today on the official Saints Row website.  Anyone who is familiar with the Saints Row The Third Initiation Station should know how this works.  By downloading the Inauguration Station, you’ll be getting the complete SR4 character creator.  You’ll then be able to store that character on the Saints Row website, and download it into Saints Row 4 on release day.  You are getting the game on release day, right?  OK, cool.  Just checking.  Naturally, Volition took the opportunity to put together a trailer, showcasing some of the Presidents you can come up with.  Check it out below.


Now, if you’re like me, you’re thinking one thing.  “That looks great, but I’m sorta attached to my character from SR3.”  That’s not a problem.  You’ll be able to upload your SR3 character into the Inauguration Station, update anything you want, and save him or her for SR4.  Pretty sweet, huh?  The Inaugration Station is available now on XBL and Steam, and will be out on PSN tomorrow for everyone in the frickin world except for those of us lucky enough to live in North America.  We have to wait until August 13th for some unknown reason.  Awesome.

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