Mass Effect 3 rated MA 15+ in Australia, features ‘sex scenes’


Mass Effect 3 has been given a MA 15+ rating by the Australian Classification Board, who noted that the game features ‘strong violence and sex scenes.’ Whilst no further description about the game was provided, it is interesting to note that the board used the term ‘sex scenes’, given that their classification of Mass Effect 2 simply stated ‘strong violence.’ Mass Effect, which is often praised for its tasteful sex scenes was classified by the board as including ‘sex scenes.’

Does this mean that for Mass Effect 3 we will be seeing a return to the more tasteful, sensually artistic sex scenes of Mass Effect and doing away with the awkward, clunky scenes of Mass Effect 2? (which the board didn’t even bother to classify as ‘sex scenes’)? We can only hope so.

To read the Aussie classification report, click here.

Source: Australian Classification Database

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