Mass Effect 3 Special Forces Trailer


Bioware has unveiled a brand new Mass Effect 3 trailer (ahhhh new trailer smell) entitled “Special Forces.” The trailer showcases the game’s multiplayer mode, and it is two minutes and twenty one seconds of adrenaline fueled action. Actually… only the first 1:36 of the trailer is new hotness. The rest is a string of ads for pre-order bonuses and other Mass Effect related videos. Classy. So what new info does the trailer reveal? Read on to watch the trailer, and to get the deets.

Is “deets” still a thing? Typing it made me feel a little queasy. Anyway… the trailer shows off all the different classes and species you can play as in Mass Effect 3 multiplayer. In all, there are seven races and four classes available to choose from, each race/class combo getting their own set of special powers. Highlighted in the trailer are:

  • Human Soldier: adrenaline rush, concussive shot, frag grenade
  • Krogan Solider: carnage, fortification, inferno grenade
  • Quarian Engineer: incinerate, cryo blast, sentry turret
  • Salarian Infiltrator: energy drain, tactical cloak, proximity mine
  • Turian Sentinel: warp, overload, tech armor
  • Asari Vanguard: biotic charge, stasis, lift grenade
  • Drell Vanguard: biotic charge, pull, cluster grenade

At this point, it isn’t exactly clear if those are all of the race-class combinations available, or if there are more. The trailer is narrated by Commander Shepard, who apparently makes an appearance or two in the multiplayer mode, albeit in cutscenes only (side note: multiplayer cutscenes confirmed). There is also a very informative, and very funny, companion blog for the trailer, written by Bioware writer and all around cool guy Patrick Weekes.

UPDATE! Bioware community interaction specialist (I totally made up that title) Jessica Merizan has clarified the issue of whether or not the trailer shows every race/class combination available in multiplayer:

“Just want to point out that this trailer shows the different races / classes and some of their best features, but it’s certainly not an exhaustive look at the abilities for each class. So those of you who are saying “I’m sad that it looks like _________ has X but not Y,” that is not necessarily the case!  For that level of detail, you’ll have to try it out for yourself ;)”

So what do you think? Are you looking forward to multiplayer in Mass Effect? Or are you still in the “not sure if want” stage? Let us know in the comments.

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