Mass Effect 3 sports reversible cover


We report on a lot of Mass Effect news here at Save Game – So here is something else particularly for the Femshep fans out there.   Good news for fans of both maleshep and femshep – for Mass Effect 3 will sport a reversible cover – allowing gamers to display their love of either gendered Shepard. No playing favourites here!

This news is courtesy of a very lovely unboxing by David Silverman of Mass Effect 3 on the Xbox360 (it’s always the 360, isn’t it?) which was handily posted on youtube and can be seen below (seeing the Microsoft Live Terms of Service brochure has never been more exciting as it is on this video).

And that little snippet of information that Silverman mentioned about Bioware launching copies of Mass Effect 3 into space? Well – we’ve already covered that, but there are still chances to get your special copy of the “Space Edition” of Mass Effect 3. 

Kudos to Bioware for giving the female Commander Shepard a cover of her own. 



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