Mass Effect 3 Vault for the Xbox360 revealed


When a high profile, Triple A title is released, a veritable tidal wave of accessories follows in its wake. Some of the merchandising is fantastic and some of it…well…let’s say it’s…unique. EB Games Australia have unveiled ‘The Vault’ for the Xbox360 – a Mass Effect 3 themed console stand which apparently ‘armors’ your 360 to ‘show Shepard at his best.’ Apparently Femshep doesn’t exist here, guys.

Taken straight from EB Games’ product page, this accessory features Shepard’s iconic N7 Chestpiece complete with the N7 logo which lights up in two different modes. Every Vault comes with its own Certificate of Authenticity which is numbered, in addition to a code for redeemable bonus items in the multiplayer mode of Mass Effect 3. The Vault features:

  • Exclusive Mass Effect 3 Armor Design
  • Two mode LED Light Up N7 Logo
  • Commander Shepard textured chest piece
  • Mass Effect 3 code for bonus Multiplayer items.
  • Battery Powered Lighting Effects
  • Includes Headset / Controller Cradle
  • Compatible with all Calibur11 Vault Accessories
  • Does Not Void Your Console Warranty

And just how much will this lovely accessory set you back? The Vault is priced at $98.00 AUD. It will be available at launch on March 8.

Will you be picking one up? As much as I love me some Mass Effect 3 themed merchandise, I think I’ll be giving this a pass.

Source: EB Games Australia

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