Mass Effect 3 will feature 82 minutes of cutscenes; rated by BBFC


We’re getting close to March, which means Mass Effect 3’s release date is fast approaching, and with it come snippets of information from the various ratings boards, who are finally getting their lucky hands on the game. The first to announce some extra juicy news are the BBFC, who have revealed that Mass Effect 3 will feature some 82 minutes of cutscenes. Yes, you read that correctly. 82 MINUTES OF CUTSCENES. They also gave the game a 15 rating for its strong language and infrequent strong violence, but who cares about that because 82 MINUTES OF CUTSCENES.

Can you tell we are excited about that? The BBFC report mentions that extended classification information on the title will be available on or after the 28th February. Personally, I’m hoping to hear that ‘space furniture’ and ‘future space blouses’ will make a return.

The full report can be found here.

82 minutes of cutscenes. March, hurry up and get here already.

Source: British Board of Film Classification

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