Max Payne out on Mobile

maxpaynemobileMax Payne Mobile is now out for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.  These are all things that didn’t exist in 2001.  Truth.

It’s always crazy to me to think that games that were so cool and technology that seemed so ahead of its time can now be held in he palm of our hands.  Max Payne was the first game to really make use of the bullet time feature – you know, that whole Matrix thing where everything slows down and the hero does backbends out of the way of flying projectiles.  So if nothing else you can play Max Payne Mobile for $2.99 and pretend it’s the year 2000.   While you’re playing, why don’t you ride a scooter or watch the first season of Survivor or check out the news about that Elian Gonzalez kid.  Hey you know who could’ve handled that Elian crap way better than it was handled?  Max Payne.  See….I brought it back around. 

Source: VG24/7

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