Release Date and Details Announced for Medal of Honor Warfighter Beta


Is there a more exciting term in gaming than “open beta?”  I submit that there is not.  An invitation from the developers to play a highly anticipated game for free?  Yes, please.  The latest game to announce a beta is Medal of Honor Warfighter, which will offer up it’s free trial this Friday, exclusively on Xbox Live.  Read on for all the details.

The announcement was made on their official website, and included a nifty little trailer which describes everything you can expect from this beta when it launches on October 5th.  Check it out below.

Thanks, Daniel Wiksten!  Your presentation was both entertaining and informative.  Also, love the hair.  For those of you who would rather not sit through the video, here’s the rundown.  In the beta, players will be able to choose between 12 of the 72 total Tier One operators in the full retail version of the game.  You’ll then be paired up into two-player units called Fireteams.  Members of a Fireteam can see their partners from any point on a map, and serve as spawn points for eachother.  Fireteams will then compete in Hotspot Mode, which is like bomb defusal crossed with territories.  Ben Jones, senior designer at Danger Close, wrote a blog about Hotspot Mode, and it sounds like it should be a lot of fun.  All the action will be taking place on the Sarajevo Stadium map, which was unveiled in another Danger Close update, which you can see here

It’s been interesting to watch Medal of Honor Warfighter take shape over the last year, and I’m looking forward to its retail launch on October 23.  This open beta should give us a pretty good idea of how successful Danger Close has been in developing multiplayer gameplay on their own.  As far as who I’ll be choosing for an operative in the beta, I gotta go with the British SAS.


I mean, look at the stache on that guy!  How can I not choose him?  Medal of Honor’s tradition of excellence in the realm of facial hair continues. 

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