Medal of Honor Warfighter: Wartrailer

moh-wf-t1-0Welp, here we go.  The EA hype train has officially left the station.  The first trailer for Medal of Honor Warfighter has arrived, and it’s very… warfightery.  As is the case with most announcement trailers, it offers very little in terms of detail.  What it’s supposed to do is set the mood, and it does that very well.  And by mood, I’m not talking candlelit dinner and a Miles Davis album.  I’m talking… well, you’ll see.  Read on to watch the trailer, and some further details on the game. 

 OK, ready?  I’m not gonna ease you into this one.  I’m just gonna let this thing slap you right across the face.  And you’re gonna like it.

Your ears are ringing, aren’t they?  But it’s a good ring, right?  Following in the footsteps of 2010’s franchise reboot, Medal of Honor Warfighter will continue to showcase the lives of Tier 1 operators, highly trained warriors fighting a global war on terror.  Developer Danger Close promises to deliver an “aggressive, personal, and authentic” look into the lives of these soldiers, focusing on a Tier 1 operator from the U.S. Navy named Preacher.  The game will follow his struggle to keep his familty together after years of deployment overseas.  But as you all know, the professional and private lives of heroes are tough to keep separate, and when terrorists armed with a new deadly explosive threaten his family, Preacher and the rest of Task Force Mako are forced to take action.  I don’t know about you, but if I was a terrorist, and I found out that a group of angry dudes with guns calling themselves Task Force Mako was after me, I’d crap my pants.  Then I’d surrender.


Medal of Honor Warfighter will be running on the revolutionary Frostbite 2 engine, which makes stuff blow up really, really nice.  As the above screenshot demonstrates, Danger Close already has the splodey action stuff working pretty good.  If they can get the gameplay right, they just might have a big hit on their hands.  I mean… people have to get sick of Call of Duty eventually, right?  Right?

Speaking of Call of Duty, I think I might’ve found EA’s secret weapon in the struggle to take down Activision’s FPS juggernaut. 


That’s right.  Call of Duty’s very own John Price, the star of three of the highest selling videogames of all time, is in the new Medal of Honor game.  This is huge, folks.  This is Lebron taking his talents to South Beach huge. 

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