MMO Hall of Fame Inducts Ultima Online, World of Warcraft and Everquest

warcraftlonelyThe MMO Hall of Fame has its first inductees in World of Warcraft, Ultima Online and Everquest.  Hold up, there’s an MMO Hall of Fame?

There is now,and apparently those three are the games most worthy of the prestigious induction.  Just how many MMOs are there out there?  And out of those how many have even achieved a staying power that warrants Hall of Fame status (well I guess there are these three)?  Each of the games is special in its own way.  Ultima and Everquest seem to be the mommy and daddy of World of Warcraft, who eventually grew up to take over the world.  Also getting an honorable mention in the Hall of Fame was EVE Online

I admit to having a warm and fuzzy feeling over this.  World of Warcraft has consumed more of my time and effort than my marriage has and even though I haven’t played in months, I can’t bring myself to cancel my account. 

So congratulations to these games.  Shit.  I need to play WoW again soon… 

Source: Kotaku


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