‘Never Say Never’ to DC Universe Online featuring new characters


According to DC Universe Online‘s director Jens Andersen, no character is ‘officially off the table’ when it comes to being included in the online MMORPG. Speaking to PC Gamer, Anderson was quoted as saying ‘never say never’ to unique characters who, at face value, might not fit the narrative of the game’s universe.

As stated by Andersen in his PC Gamer interview:

“There are some books [and] characters that, at face value, may not seem to fit. The beauty of this brand, however, is that it can all be justified through proper narrative context.

But I would never say that we couldn’t find a way to get Dream, Delirium and their brothers and sisters involved, if we had a great story to tell that could be supported with our gameplay.

So, no, nothing is officially off the table.”

Good news for fans of the not so well known or popular heroes of the DC verse, then.

Source: PC Gamer (via VG 24/7)

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