New details on Batman: Arkham City gadgets and baddies


There’s hardly any time to go before the release of Batman: Arkham City (around a month, for those of you playing at home) and this week GTTV got the scoop on a few more details regarding Rocksteady’s upcoming release. When players step into the shoes (or is that sexy boots?) of Batman next month, they’ll have at leats two new gadgets at their disposal, as well as a newly announced villian to beat down.

Speaking gadgets first, the Remote Electrical Charge can create electrical fields, stun baddies and also power up items. The fact that it’s ‘remote’ also means it can be thrown and then activated whenever you like. The second gadget, the Freeze Blast will allow players to create platforms in water, stun enemies and freeze several criminals at once, holding them in place in a freeze state.

Villian wise – the newly announced baddie for Bats to take down is none other than Deadshot. Staying true to the Batman Universe, Deadshot has been assassinating powerful people within the game world, and only Batman can stop him.

For more details, check out GTTV’s Episode 421

Batman: Arkham City is set to release October 21. Look for it on all major consoles.

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