New info on Sims 3 Seasons Expansion Pack


Proving that you can never have too many expansion packs, EA have released more information regarding the latest addition to the Sims 3 expansion pack stable – Seasons.

The expansion will introduce new environmental changes such as puddles and thunderstorms, and sims should take care when out in the storms, as lightning can strike at any time. And as someone who has been struck by lightning twice (I’m still waiting for my latent superpowers provided to me via this strike to develop) I can say that sims would definitely not want to experience a lightning bolt.

In addition to lightning strikes, sims can also be afflicted with hay fever, which can cause sneezing and grumpy moods. Never fear, however, as these nasty symptoms can be stopped in their tracks by giving your sims an allergy shot. Finally – these sims can experience the worry and terror I experience whenever I am forced to get any sort of shot!

Not everything is doom and gloom, however, with the advent of Spring also bringing the Spring Festival. Amorously adventurous sims attending the festival can find a companion for the kissing booth, join a partner on the dance floor, or even dip their toes into the experience pool of online dating. For those who have more traditionalist sims who are sill looking for love, love letters can be penned.

The Spring Festival will also offer other activities for sims – face painting and seasonal food stores will be available, and there’s even an egg hunt for active sims. Extraverted sims will be happy to know they can throw a pool party or begin a water balloon fight, and skate-happy sims will be pleased to know they’ll now be able to skate around the roller rink.

Just when you thought your sims had done it all! The Sims 3 Seasons expansion pack will release worldwide in November.

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