New Saints Row 4 footage is seven minutes of pure awesome

SR4-banner-2Hey, you want to watch nearly seven minutes of absolutely insane Saints Row 4 footage?  Of course you do!  Who wouldn’t?  Volition has released their demo from PAX East, complete with studio narration, and it is insane.  In a good way.  Read on to see it for yourself.

The demo footage was posted earlier today on the official Saints Row 4 YouTube channel.  Narrated by producer Jim Boone, the video offers the first detailed demonstration of the game’s combat and environment.  You’ll get a good look at some of the game’s crazier weapons, as well as the improved weapon modification system.  You want to dubstep people to death?  You got it.  You want to disguise your rocket launcher as a guitar case?  No problem.  New vehicles are shown off, including a monster truck and a mech suit, which comes with essentials like dual mini-guns, rocket launcher and jetpack.

The demo also goes into detail about the super powers first glimpsed in the game’s announcement trailer.  Super powers are a huge part of combat in Saints Row 4, and they look incredibly fun.  Multiple powers are shown off, including super running, jumping, and gliding.  You’ll also be able to freeze objects (including people) and shatter them like glass.  Coolest of all (in my opinion) is telekinesis.  I’ll finally be able to realize my dream of picking people up with my mind, and flinging them into buildings.

You should be warned before viewing this demo that it does contain some mild spoilers.  So if you want to go into your SR4 experience completely pure, turn back now.  Otherwise, enjoy the show.


Now was that awesome, or what?  While you can sometimes tell this is alpha footage, the game still looks brain meltingly fun.  The occasional clumsy animation or flat graphic will all but surely disappear by the time the game ships for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 on August 20th.

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