New video goes inside the Seattle of Infamous: Second Son

infamous-second-son-bannerRain gets a bad rap.  Most people find it depressing, or annoying, or just something that has to be endured.  But there’s a unique beauty to rain.  Not just in the drops falling from the sky, but in the way those drops interact with the surfaces they touch.  The developers of Infamous: Second Son seem to like rain a lot.  In a new video, they show off how they’ve brought their rainy hometown of Seattle to life.  Read on to watch it for yourself.

The video showed up earlier today as part of a post on the official Playstation blog by Horia Dociu, Art Director at Sucker Punch Studios.  Located just outside of Seattle, Washington, Sucker Punch felt strongly about setting the third Infamous game in their hometown.  With the power of the PS4, they were able to capture details about the city that would not have been possible on older consoles, while still creating a huge open world for the player to use their superhuman powers in.  As Dociu puts it…

“We wanted to give the player the feeling of walking down an alleyway and seeing the rain accumulate between the cobblestones, and the reflections of the rain-streaked, brick buildings and neon market signs. Or the feeling of looking up at the sun as it breaks through the clouds, sending rays of light through enormous pine trees.”

Of course, the Seattle of Second Son isn’t the hipster paradise it is today.  The city has been occupied by the Department of Unified Protection, and is under martial law.  Landmarks big and small, from the Space Needle to real life local businesses, have been encased in DUP fortifications.  See for yourself how Sucker Punch has captured this near future version of Seattle in the video below.

In his blog post, Dociu points out that they even included Seattle’s famous Gum Wall in the game.  It makes me wonder whether they included the contribution we made to the wall during last year’s Save Game Global Summit… Anyway, Infamous: Second Son will be released worldwide for the PS4 this March 21st.

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