NHL13 Demo out now


It’s that time of year when EA Games begins stoking the annual sports game fires, and the news is coming hard and fast. First to step up to the plate (or rink, more aptly) is NHL13 – which has seen its demo released on Xbox Live and PSN.

The demo allows players a taste of four different modes:

  • Play Now – where players can select either the Los Angeles Kings or the New Jersey Devils and battle it out in the third period. The period will begin with a randomized score every time and the new “true broadcast” camera feature will be included for those of you craving a realistic hockey broadcast presentation.
  • NHL Moments Live – which provides players with the chance to relieve or rewrite the big moments from the NHL. The demo will include the historic overtime showdown of Game Fie of the 2012 Western Conference Final between the Lost Angeles Kings and Phoenix Coyotes. Completion of this will award players with a HUT item pack.
  • Hockey Ultimate Team – which gives players the opportunity to create a fantasy team without boundaries. If players are successful in beating Team USA and winning the thournament they will earn themselves an upgraded HUT pack.
  • Free Skate – which allows players to hone their skills by pitting them against a goalie without rules and restrictions.

For those of you on the free HUT pack prowl, you can also receive a HUT pack by inviting a friend to download the demo. The NHL13 demo will be available to download until September 18, 2012.

NHL13 will be available on September 13 in Australia and September 14 in New Zealand. You lucky American gamers will be able to play NHL13 a few days earlier, when it releases there on September 11.

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