No ‘previously on’ style comic for Mass Effect 3


If you were looking forward to another ‘previously on’ catch up comic to bring you up to speed with the events of Mass Effect 1 and 2 before you played Mass Effect 3 – you’re out of luck. Bioware’s director of Marketing David Silverman has confirmed to Kotaku that Mass Effect 3 will not feature a Genesis-style story comic. Instead, you’ll likely have to settle for a video recap of all the major events. Which is a bit of a shame. I was hoping to learn what Kaidan had been up to told through comic form. He’s a good kid, you know.

Mass Effect 3 releases March 6th in North America. Those of us on the other side of the world will have to wait a few more days to launch the war against the Reapers.

Source: Kotaku

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