No Xbox 360 Price Cut


If you were hoping to see an Xbox360 price cut coming hot on the heels of the PS3 and 3DS’s reductions in price – prepare to be disappointed. Microsoft’s UK Entertainment VP Chris Lewis has confirmed in an interview with VG247 that Microsoft doesn’t see any reason to reduce the Xbox360’s price.

He says:

There big story of the show was the PS3 price cut. Are you feeling any pressure to move down a little?

No. As you can imagine, we plan for these scenarios all the time. For me to sit here and say that was a big surprise would be a lie. Respect for what they do, of course. I love the competition, actually: it keeps us on our toes, and consumers benefit ultimately. We think we offer great value now. We have better service provision than anybody. We attach more effectively than anybody. I think Xbox Live’s enviable. What we’ve achieved with Kinect has given us growth that I think others would aspire to at this point in the lifecycle. We’re happy with our position. While we’re not complacent about the competition, I wouldn’t trade places.

So there you go. No imminent price drops from Microsoft. Is Microsoft right in keeping the existing price point of the 360 despite the reduction in the PS3’s price? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: VG247 (via Gamepro)

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