No Xbox showing at Tokyo Game Show or Gamescom


If you were looking forward to a strong showing by Microsoft regarding their Xbox plans at either the Tokyo Game Show or Gamescom – be prepared to be disappointed. Microsoft has announced that it will be foregoing appearances at the abovementioned powerhouse gaming conventions. Instead they will be favouring ‘smaller, more localised promotions’, catering to ‘press, partners, retailers and customers’. Just as long as those press, partners, retailers and customers aren’t at TGS or Gamescom, right?

Microsoft, in a statement posted by Major Nelson, stated:

“As you saw at E3, we have a solid line-up of games launching this holiday, along with other entertainment experiences. We’ve changed our approach a little, though. This year, Xbox will be focusing on smaller, more localized promotions and experiences for press, partners, retailers and customers around the world. Which means that as you might have seen on some of the news sites today, we won’t be taking part in gamescom or Tokyo Games Show this year.”

Both are still important shows for the industry, and we do wish the organizers well.”

It has previously been confirmed by Nintendo that they too will not be attending Gamescom, which leaves Sony as the only powerhitter in the console business to fly the flag at that event. Will they make the most of the spotlight? Guess we’ll see shortly.

Source: Major Nelson

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