Persona 4 helps PS Vita Japanese sales jump by 157%


Here’s hoping those behind Persona 4: The Golden are getting a nice little bonus from Sony, after figures released today show that the Playstation Vita’s sales increased by a whopping 157% following the release of the game.

Sales of Sony’s newest handheld jumped from 13, 383 copies to a massive 34, 459 units, and there’s little doubt this is due to the release of Persona 4: The Golden. The game itself shifted 137,076 copies. And for those playing at home, that’s a heck of a lot of copies.

These figures are very good news for Sony, given the rather…shall we say lukewarm reception the Vita has been receiving. Figures like these do go to show that a good game (or perhaps a highly anticipated game in a popular series) can and does sell hardware.

Despite this increase in sales, the Nintendo 3DS is still the preferred handheld in Japan, selling almost double the amount of units in the same time frame.


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