PS Vita preorders now open in Australia


If you’ve been waiting for your chance to pre-order Sony’s upcoming handheld the PS Vita, today’s your lucky day, as retailers are now taking pre-orders for the portable pocket marvel. Retailers accepting pre-orders include EB Games, GAME and JB HiFi.

And what would a pre-order be without an incentive? Sony has announced that those pre-ordering the Vita will receive quite the package of goodies, in both physical and digital form. The pre-order pack includes:

In Ear Headphones in PS Vita Blue
Exclusive sleek, blue metallic finish in ear PlayStation® design headphones.

Exclusive PS Vita items from PlayStation®Network
Pre-order code that will unlock PlayStation®Network voucher codes for the following:

  • AU$8 discount on one of the following PS Vita games on PlayStation Store: Little Deviants, Super Stardust Delta, Hustle Kings or Escape Plan.
  • Exclusive PS Vita items for PlayStation Home: PS Vita T- Shirt, Sunglasses, Headphones, Trainers and Bag
  • Exclusive early access to Frobisher Says! application for PS Vita
  • Exclusive PS Vita Avatar for PlayStation Network

Definitely a nice incentive, right?

Those of you wanting to pre-order the Vita should head to EB Games, GAME or JB Hi-Fi before the handheld releases on the 23rd February 2012.

And just so you know what sort of money you can expect to pay come February 2012 – the 3G/Wi-Fi model will be available for AUD$449.95 and the Wi-Fi model for AUD$349.95.

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