PS Vita Ridge Racer has 3 tracks and 5 cars


When Ridge Racer was announced for the PS Vita, there was no gameplay trailer or raft of screenshots to co-incide with the announcement – and that’s probably because the game is shipping with 3 tracks and 5 cars. And that’s it. Given that extremely sparse amount of content, its no wonder there was no gameplay trailer – you could probably see everything the game has to offer in a 3-5 minute demo.

The three included tracks are apparently Harborline 765, Highland Cliffs and Southbay Docks. All three tracks can be found in earlier Ridge Racer games – so they aren’t even new. And in a move reminiscent of Dragon Age 2’s dungeons, gamers do have the option of racing the tracks in reverse variants – but we’d hardly call a reverse variant of a track a separate track.

And if three tracks weren’t bad enough – gamers will only have a choice of five cars to race in. DLC is planned, and this will no doubt include more content. But shipping a racing game with only 5 cars and 3 tracks? And worse – expecting gamers to accept this and pay for it? Poor form, Namco Bandai. Very poor form.

Source: VideoGamer

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