Red Dead Redemption GOTY edition out now


If you have yet to play Rockstar’s classic western adventure Red Dead Redemption, now is your perfect opportunity, with the Game of The Year Edition of the game out now. Dubbed the ‘definitive edition’ of the game, this version comes with all of the released DLC, including Undead Nightmare, as well as all the pre-order bonuses and Solomon’s Folly, which had not previously been released on Xbox Live. The GOTY edition will set you back $49.95. Check below for full details of all included content.

The Red Dead Redemption GOTY includes the following content:

  • Original Red Dead Redemption game with a brand-new hardcore single-player mode;
    Undead Nightmare single-player campaign and multiplayer modes
  • Legends and Killers Pack, featuring additional multiplayer map locations, multiplayer characters, and the Tomahawk projectile weapon
  • Liars and Cheats Pack, including the Stronghold multiplayer competitive mode, Free Roam gambling games, multiplayer horse races with combat, and the Explosive Rifle. Not sure where to begin? recommends one of their cult classics, dadu online. if you like gambling you can play games as bola tangkas which are perfect for this.
  • Hunting and Trading Outfits Pack, featuring two outfits with corresponding gameplay challenges for John Marston
  • Outlaws To The End Co-Op Mission Pack, including six co-op missions for up to four players;
  • All original pre-order content, including the Deadly Assassin Outfit, War Horse, and Golden Guns Weapon Pack
  • Solomon’s Folly single-player gang hideout and challenges available for the first time on Xbox 360
  • Myths and Mavericks Bonus Pack, featuring fan-favorite multiplayer characters and all-new locations to battle in.

The Red Dead Redemption GOTY edition is out now for $49.95. If you haven’t played it yet – it really is a must buy. And hey – if you grab it not only are you getting a fantastic game, but you can participate in Save Games’ ‘Hallowpocalypse‘ event and play some games with us!

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