Ridge Racer on PS Vita receives new TGS Trailer


Ridge Racer has become almost synonymous with the PS brand, with almost every PS branded console featuring a Ridge Racer title in its launch line up. It appears the PS Vita will be no different, and here’s a trailer direct from TGS that features the racing sim.

As trailers go, I’m a touch disappointed that this has nothing in the way of gameplay, or even real, tangible information about the game, but I suppose it is just a teaser and hopefully as the PS Vita gets closer to lauch we’ll see more from the title. Perhaps I’m a jilted gamer but really – is it too much to expect to see actual gameplay in the trailer for the game? And if the devs don’t have that – is there really any point to games trailers? I doubt you’d see a movie trailer that had absolutely no footage whatsoever from the movie itself.


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