Rockstar announces pre-order bonuses for Max Payne 3


Rockstar have revealed the retailer specific pre-order bonuss for their upcoming title Max Payne 3, and it looks like gamers will have some choice of content, but only if you’re into multiplayer. From maps to loadouts, the pre-order bonuses have your multiplayer desires covered. Check below for full retailer specific details.

The cemetery multiplayer map will be available as a pre-order bonus to those North American gamers who pre-order from Gamestop. EB Games will offer it in Australia, and GAME will be the ones to offer it in the UK.

The Silent Killer Multiplayer Loadout Pack includes three elements which can be used to customize your multiplayer loadout – the Light Anti-Tank Weapon, the Slippery Character Burst which enables you to quickly escape firefights, and the Listening Device item which provides you with the ability to hear approaching enemies – and it will be avaliable from GAME in Australia and Tesco in the UK. North American gamers will have to wait for official announcements from Rockstar regarding which retailer they will be able to grab this bonus from.

Finally, those NA gamers pre-ordering from Best Buy will be provided with a code to access to the first full multiplayer DLC pack released for the game for free. No information on what this pack includes has been provided yet, but we’ll keep you updated as soon as we hear anything. EB Games will be offering this in Australia, with Play offering it to UK gamers.

For full details on all the pre-order bonuses, including where to find them in other European countries, check out Rockstar’s Official Website.

Source: Rockstar Official Website

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