Rockstar Releases Max Payne 3 Update, Free DLC


Is there any experience in gaming more fun than getting a forced title update when all you want to do is play the damn game?  So much fun!  But owners of Max Payne 3 probably won’t be complaining too much, as this patch will be fixing a number of multiplayer issues just in time for a big DLC release.  Read on for the details. 

Announced on the Rockstar blog, this patch addresses a long list of bugs and needed improvements to the multiplayer portion of Max Payne 3.  Check out the full list below.

  • New Automated cheat protection and lag protection measures.
  • Improvements to multiplayer load times
  • Players can now spawn with dual wield if they have two sidearms and no two-handed weapon equipped
  • Polish language support has been added
  • Party leader now has the option of taking entire party with them when they back out of a match
  • Weapon rank in the Arsenal is now visible on the left side of the screen, not just the right
  • The Crew menu is now available inside lobbies
  • XP gained for completing Grinds no longer contributes to rankings in Gang Wars matches
  • Improvements to the spectator camera in Gang Wars
  • Gang Wars wager system improved to better show betting results

Most interesting of all, the update enables two new systems which will improve the overall player experience.  First is the Multiplayer Player Card system, which will allow players to track multiplayer stats for themselves and their friends.  Second is the colorfully titled Payne Thresholds, which will reward players for passing a series of challenges during a multiplayer match.  Bonuses include additional XP and custom character titles. More details on Payne Thresholds can be found here

The update is now live on both Xbox 360 and PS3, and it sets the stage for the free Disorganized Crime DLC pack which gets released on Tuesday.  The pack features a brand new multiplayer map, entitled Hoboken Rooftops (which btw would also make a great band name).  The DLC also includes seven new modifiers for Arcade Mode.  Check out the full list below.

  • Explosive Rounds: bullets detonate on impact
  • Headshots Only: enemies can only be killed with (you guessed it) headshots
  • Old School Mode: your ability to zoom and take cover are reduced
  • Limited Ammo: also known as the least fun modifier ever
  • Incendiary Rounds: bullets light stuff on fire. Fire!
  • Lone Wolf AI: enemies become much more aggressive
  • Noir Mode: players watch John Huston’s classic film, The Asphalt Jungle. LOL j/k the game is played in black & white.

All in all, a pretty big week for Max Payne fans.  If you haven’t picked up a copy for yourself, now would be a pretty good time, wouldn’t you say?

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