Rockstar releases not one, not two, but three new GTA5 trailers

gta5title1You can never accuse Rockstar Games of doing anything small.  They’ve just released three brand new trailers for Grand Theft Auto 5, each one focusing on one of the game’s three playable characters.  Read on for the details, and to see them for yourself.

The trailers were released earlier today on Rockstar’s website, as well as their YouTube channel.  Each one serves as an introduction to one of the main characters, filling in bits of backstory, giving you looks at the worlds they live in, and why they’re living the lives they are.  Containing entirely new footage, and featuring some stunning looks at the re-imagined Lost Santos, these trailers are required viewing for any GTA fan.  Let’s check them out one by one.


First up is Franklin, a young man trying to escape the gangs of Los Santos.  He wants a better life for himself, but crime is all he knows.  With limited options, he hooks up with Michael and Trevor to pull off some unknown mega-crime.  Propelled by the beats of Jay Rock’s “Hood Gone Love It,” this trailer features homages to Boys In The Hood and Menace To Society, and brings back memories of CJ from GTA: San Andreas.


Next is Michael, the middle aged career criminal, who has ostensibly retired from his life of crime.  As you can see, though, his home life is far from domestic bliss, and the thrill of the action has made him fall back on old habits.  What he and his cohorts are up to is still a mystery.  But whatever it is, it’s big.  Look for homages to everything from The Sopranos to Heat in this trailer, all set to the tune of “Radio GaGa” by Queen.


Finally, there’s Trevor.  Red neck.  Drug dealer.  Face puncher.  Trevor is the unchained id to Michael’s superego.  He tears through Los Santos like a buzz saw, leaving nothing but chaos and destruction in his wake.  Should be fun to play him, don’t you think?  Waylon Jennings’ classic “Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way” provides the appropriate soundtrack to the insanity.

We didn’t really learn a whole lot about the actual plot of the game from these trailers, but we sure got to know the three leads a lot better.  Los Santos looks breathtaking, with little details practically filling every frame.  I can’t wait to explore it for myself, and experience what looks to be a return to a lighter, more rollicking story.  Grand Theft Auto hits shelves on September 17th.

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