Rockstar unveils Grand Theft Auto Online

GTA-online-bannerJust when you thought Grand Theft Auto 5 couldn’t look any better, Rockstar had to go and do something like this.  They’ve pulled back the curtain on Grand Theft Auto Online, and it looks incredible.  Read on for all the details.

Earlier today on the official Rockstar Games homepage, a new trailer went up unveiling their next evolution of GTA multiplayer.  Grand Theft Auto Online is a “dynamic and persistent online world” based on the geography of GTA5 in which up to 16 players will be able to explore, compete, and work together in a near limitless number of activities.  Want to pull of a daring bank heist with three of your closet friends?  You can.  Want to design your own aerial race course?  Do it.  Want to jack a train and send it careening into a canyon?  If that’s your thing, sure.  Want to just cruise around in your customized Landstalker?  You can do that too.

While Grand Theft Auto Online will initially be based on the setting of GTA5, Rockstar has promised a continuous output of additions and expansions that will keep players coming back.  Combine that with the ability to design and upgrade your own character, and Grand Theft Auto Online starts to look like a GTA fan’s dream come true.  Somebody pinch me.  Check out the trailer below.

You’ve got something coming out of your mouth… it… yeah, you’re drooling.  Might wanna mop that up.  Grand Theft Auto Online comes free with every copy of GTA5, and will launch on October 1st worldwide.  Grand Theft Auto 5 will be released for Xbox 360 and PS3 this September 17th, which feels like it’s about 11 billion years away right now.

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