Rumor: Microsoft to abandon Microsoft Points as transaction currency


As an Aussie gamer, Microsoft Points have often been the bane of my existence. Given that the points never really have a set monetary value, I’m often unsure of just how much that 400 MSP DLC is in ‘real world’ currency. According to a new rumor being reported by Inside Mobile Apps, however, this issue might soon be removed with Microsoft apparently discontinuing the Microsoft Points system by the end of this year.

Inside Mobile Apps reports that “a source with knowledge of the company’s decision” has stated that by the end of 2012, transactions will move to a real world currency system, using real world money instead of the current virtual currency system.This change will affect devs for The Zune Marketplace, Windows Phone and Xbox Live.

Microsoft itself has declined to comment, with a spokesperson re-iterating the company’s stance that they “do not comment on rumors or speculation.”

For the full story, visit Inside Mobile Apps.

If the rumor proves to be true, it is, in my opinion, a move in the right direction. I’ve never been a fan of virtual currency systems that do not provide specific dollar amounts for DLC. At least with the Playstation Network, if I buy a $30 PSN card, I know I’ll get $30 worth of DLC. With the way Microsoft Points are priced in Australia, a 1500 points card can set you back anywhere between $19 and $28.

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Source: Inside Mobile Apps (via AusGamers)

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