Sim City 5!


For years and years Maxis has been very good at one thing: Letting us all play God.  That looks to be continuing with Sim City 5.

There is a thread on NeoGAF full of information and screenshots for the new game, which could be out next year.  This means only one thing for yours truly, and that is that I will once again be able to think of myself as the giant unseen hand of fate in a little existence I craft all my own.  Is it Tuesday?  Time to put a volcano in the middle of town!  And we don’t need traffic lights. Only losers use traffic lights…. though I guess they would have come in handy in the picture above.  

Whenever I think about anything Sim related I’m reminded a friend of mine who made a Sim in The Sims, walled him up in a room with no doors, then watched for countless hours as the Sim wet himself, cried and eventually starved to death.  My friend thought this was hilarious.  That reminds me I think he’s getting paroled soon.

Anyway my point is I’m looking foward to this game.

Source:  Destructoid

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