Sim City Social: World of Japan


What do a fireman, a tea garden and an Imperial Palace have in common? They’re all a part of the latest content drop in Sim City Social, called ‘World of Japan.’

For those of you who haven’t heard of Sim City Social, it is an online social game for Facebook, which lets you not only build your own city, but also interact with the cities of your facebook friends (and trust me when I say that when one of your facebook friends starts playing Sim City Social – you’ll know).

World of Japan is the newest splash of content for Sim City Social, and as you would expect it includes Japanese flavoured items and activites. According to the official press release:

Explore the Rich and Intricate World of Japan in SimCity Social

Come explore the rich world of Japanese culture in SimCity Social. Decorate and furnish your city with all new items like the peaceful Tea Garden, or fine-tune your business skills with the new Ramen Shop and Sushi Factory. You can embark on new and exciting quests with Brad the fireman, who has just returned from an exchange trip with the Tokyo Fire Service. Brad has been learning the mystical firefighting techniques of Aiko, but they do not seem to be entirely effective. Help Brad fight fires and save innocent people in your city.

After visiting your city, Japanese CEO Hiro Hatorri thinks that your Toy Factory might be the perfect place to make the latest craze – Mushy Monsters. Make him feel at home and earn his business by building the all new Imperial Palace attraction. You will be rewarded with good business and good fortune. Put your Zen skills to the test with the newest update to SimCity Social.

For more information on Sim City Social, check out its facebook page here.

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