Skyrim mod allows PC gamers to play using motion control


Motion controlled gaming seems to be the new ‘in’ thing for consoles, what with both Sony and Microsoft getting in on the technology sold to the masses by Nintendo before them. PC gamers have been left out of this body-movement loop – but no more! A very creative modder has posted a youtube video highlighting how Bethesda’s epic RPG Skyrim can be played on the PC using a series of motion controls. And it doesn’t just stop at motion controls – voice commands are also incorporated including….you guessed it…dragon shouts!

Dubbed ‘Skyrim Kinect’, the video shows how almost every part of the gameplay in Skyrim can be controlled using hand and body gestures.Swinging your arm will result in your character hacking away with their sword. Casting a spell is as simple as raising your hand and pushing forward to cast. Your field of view is controlled by your left arm, but if you have something equipped in your left hand, this will obviously be controlled by your left hand too. Crouching down puts you into sneak mode, and raising your feet makes your character jump. Voice control enables you to say words like ‘Journal’ or ‘Skills’ to bring up your journal or the skill trees. Saying ‘left hand’ or ‘right hand’ equips items to those hands when you’re in the inventory menu.

Skyrim Kinect is an insanely impressive effort from this modder, and we duff our collective barbarian horned helmets to him. These are the kinds of mods we like to see!

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