Sony applies for patent for Kinect-like device

ps3logoSony has applied for a device for the Playstation that will interact in a 3-d environment using all that cool motion sensor technology I don’t understand. In other words, they’re probably bringing out their own Kinect soon. 

Microsoft pretty much pwns the motion control world right now as the Kinect for Xbox has been wildly popular with 40 something year old fathers who enjoy performing complex dance routines to Lady Gaga songs.  Since the Playstation Move wasn’t as huge of a success as they would have liked, Sony is now trying their hand at tapping into the chubby guy who thinks Kinect sports is a hardcore workout market. 

There’s a whole sciency explanation of depth value and plurality of pixels and dimensional data over on The Escapist, but what you really need to know is this:  Soon all console users,  not just Xbox players will have the ability to flail wildly during club music and throw their backs out trying to emulate MMA fighting.  And that is a beautiful thing, particularly when you’re the one sitting on the couch watching it happen… and laughing.

Source: Escapist Magazine

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