Sony reveals new Playstation Network feature – ‘Only on PSN’


A PSN blog post has stated that during this October, a new program called ‘Only on PSN’ will offer new games exclusively available on the Playstation Network. Starting October 4th, new games from various genres will be added, including Eufloria and Okabu. To celebrate the announcement, Sony will be offering a 20% discount to Playstation Plus subscribers on each game during the first week of its availability. In addition, users who spend more than $60 out of their PSN/Sony Entertainment Network throughout October will receive $10 back in November.

This deal includes any of the Only On PSN games, as well as purchases of other games, add-on content for games, movies and television shows within both the video and game sections of the PS Store, paid subscriptions for services like Music Unlimited or Playstation Plus, purchases or movie rentals via Video Unlimited as well as any games or virtual items bought in Playstation Home.

The Playstation Blog Post has more details regarding a few of the games users can expect to see available via the Only on PSN feature, and they certainly are a mix of genres and experiences. Some games may not be as well known as others (say, Rochard which apparently tests players co-ordination and wits vs the upcoming content for inFamous 2 – Festival of Blood) but there certainly does look to be a game for everyone’s tastes. It will be interesting to see how successful this new feature is for Sony, and if gamers get behind the new endeavour.

Source: Playstation Blog Post

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