Sony teases their E3 reveal of Playstation 4


Did you feel that?  That slight shudder coursing through your body, unfamiliar and tantalizing?  What could it be?  What delicious shivering pleasure awaits you on June 10th at E3?  Lay back and just relax.  Sony is revealing the Playstation 4 and it will be everything you’ve ever dreamed.

Watching this teaser video, I can’t help but feel a pulsating longing, a desperate need know the console behind this mysterious, dramatic presentation.  Shhh.  Soon, darling.  Soon.  Soon I will behold your slick casing, your elegant curves and corners.  Why the very idea of sliding my fingers along your strong, sturdy…. oh.

Oh you readers are still here…  I’m sorry. I was just caught up with this video.  Sony really did everything they could on their Youtube channel to make this as sexy as possible didn’t they?  Like they were counting on giving me some kind of weird boner.*

In any case – see for yourself.  Check out the video below that looks like some kind of cologne ad.  Thanks Dualshockers!

* It worked.

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