SONY Unveils a Slimmer PS3… Yes, Another One


It seems like only yesterday that SONY released their redesigned Playstation 3.  Smaller, quieter, and cheaper  than the behemoth launch model, it was a huge success, and helped SONY close the sales gap between PS3 and XBox 360.  But that was three years ago, and SONY has announced an even slimmer Playstation 3.  Read on for all the details.

Unveiled at the Tokyo Game Show, this new Playstation 3 (technically known as model CECH-4000) will be 25% smaller and 20% lighter than the current PS3 on store shelves.  This is quite the achievement, considering the current model was already 25% lighter and smaller than the launch model.  Of course, my car is 25% smaller than the original PS3, so I guess it isn’t big of a deal.  In any case, this new PS3 will be available in two varieties, and will (at least initially) only be available in bundles.


The new 250GB model will be released on September 25th, and come packaged with the Game of the Year Edition of Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, along with a $30 voucher for DUST 514 bonus digital content, and a 30 day free trial for Playstation Plus.  This bundle will retail for $269.99.  For those of us who want the most storage space possible, a 500GB model will be released on October 30th, and will be bundled with Assassin’s Creed 3.  This bundle will also come with a free 30 day trial of Playstation Plus (don’t they all?) and will retail for $299.99.

While this new PS3 looks great, I gotta admit.. I’m a little bummed.  Yeah, it’s nice that SONY keeps updating their consoles to give us the best technology possible, but with each new iteration of the PS3, we get farther and farther away from the days of those hilarious PS3/George Foreman Grill photoshops.  They may be gone, but we will never forget them…

ps3 grill

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