Sony’s TGS presentation includes lots of info on Vita; Final Fantasy X HD remake


Sony’s TGS conference has just wrapped. Check below for the main details announced

  • Playstation Vita launch date in Japan will be December 17
  • NTT Docomo will be Vita’s 3G communications partner in Japan.
  • 20 hr prepaid data plan will cost ¥980; 100 hour data plan will cost ¥4980
  • Vita will come with ‘welcome park’ – a fun tutorial to help players learn to use the touchscreen/camera etc.
  • Vita will be compatible with most social media sites (ie twitter, facebook, foursquare, skype)
  • 26 titles will be launched alongside the Vita when it launches in December; 100 more titles to follow post launch.
  • Square Enix announced Final Fantasy XIII-2 releasing December. Final Fantasy Type 0 releasing 12/17
  • Final Fantasy X HD remake is on its way for PS Vita and PS3
  • Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3 HD remakes to be released on PS Vita in 2012

Sony’s focus was definitely on the PS Vita – showing off a live demonstration of the handheld for the first time. They’ve announced they will have 80 Vita’s available for people to play at TGS, with over 30 games available. Not bad, Sony. Not bad.

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